Kathy Rallings for CUSD School Board

As a parent and taxpayer, I am very motivated to serve on the Carlsbad School Board in order to continue moving forward and improving on our excellent reputation in educating children and student achievement.  When I was exploring different cities to relocate in, I specifically selected Carlsbad as my new home due to the high quality educational opportunities available in our school district.  

However, over the last several years, class sizes have risen dramatically, parents and teachers are paying more and more out of their personal pockets for basic school supplies, and we are not making sustainable investments for the future.

As a member of the education community for over 18 years, I have extensive knowledge of how to maintain fiscally responsible school district budgets that reflect the priorities of all stakeholders.  If elected, this experience will guide my decisions on the school board to make informed, wise and efficient decisions when spending taxpayer dollars.

Lastly, I am a product of our California public school system and am thankful for the opportunity to pursue higher education in our state.  My older son was four years old when I graduated with a degree in Speech Communications.  I also achieved an MA in Negotiations and Conflict Management thanks to the public schools in California.  My six year old is just starting in our public schools, and if elected, I intend to promote transparency, fiscal responsibility, and higher student achievement on his behalf and all the students of Carlsbad Unified.   

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