CUTA Message to Members from Amanda Fanning (17 June 2014): 

Please vote to either approve or reject this proposed MOU.
JUNE 27, 2014
Local Control Accountability Plan 
The parties agree to the following:

As provided for in the CUSD Local Control Accountability Plan, the work year of all bargaining unit members shall be increased by the following two days during the 2014-15 year only, to participate in Professional Development in support of Common Core implementation: 

August 20th, 2014 and January 23rd, 2015
The salary schedules shall be increased by the equivalent of two days.
Employees who had previously committed plans may utilize Personal Necessity Leave on August 20th, without the advance approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services
Please follow the mailed directions (here) and return your ballot to ensure your voice is heard.

This Certificated Salary Schedule (approved 4 June 2014)  DOES NOT include the additional two days being considered for Common Core implementation.

A Message from CTA about the Vergara Verdict (10 June 2014): Vergara Verdict Flawed, Like Lawsuit Itself

Like the Vergara lawsuit itself, today’s ruling is deeply flawed. CTA, CFT and the state of California will appeal. We will appeal on behalf of students and educators. Circumventing the legislative process to strip teachers of their professional rights hurts our students and our schools. This lawsuit has nothing to do with what’s best for kids, but was manufactured by a Silicon Valley millionaire and a corporate PR firm to undermine the teaching profession and push their agenda on our schools. Today’s ruling would make it harder to attract and retain quality teachers in our classrooms and ignores all research that shows experience is a key factor in effective teaching. Read the full blog post. 

Background Information & What You Need to Know

As the year comes to a close, we want to acknowledge the dedicated work of the following teachers who are retiring.

Joan Bray, Kelly Elementary (16 1/2 years of service)

Paige DeCino, Carlsbad High (23 years of service)

Martha Fearn, Aviara Oaks Elementary (21 years of service)

Wendy Hein, Magnolia Elementary (26 years of service)

Holly Hill, Hope Elementary (24 years of service)

Juanita Ortman, Carlsbad High (11 years of service)

Robert Pierce, Carlsbad High (15 years of service)

Michael Ruppert, Aviara Oaks Middle (14 years of service)

Bobette Seelig, Magnolia Elementary (27 years of service)

Catherine Statzer, Valley Middle (14 years of service)

Margaret Tessier, Carlsbad High (7 1/2 years of service)

Thank you!

CUTA awarded $3,000 in scholarships to the following 2014 graduates of CUSD teachers. Congratulations to these students and their proud parents.  

Will Bjorstad (son of William Bjorstad, Hope)

David Jameson (stepson of Blake Maxon, Pointsettia)

John Norall (son of David Norall, Hope)

Samuel Oakes (son of Sharon Rodak, AOM)

Katherine Riis (daughter of Elizabeth Riis, AOM)

Sydney Rogo (daughter of Greg Rogo, AOM)

Kaitlyn Schwend (daughter of Deborah Schwend, Pointsettia)

Zackary Spanier (son of Julie Spanier, Valley, & Jeff Spanier, CHS)

Matthew Taylor (son of Elizabeth Taylor, Kelly)

Dylan White (son of Amy Jones, CHS)


A Letter from Kurt Dearie and CHS Teachers to Dr. Lovely and Members of the Board of Trustees (20 May 2014):

My colleagues and I believe that district priorities should focus first on the needs of students, especially in these times of continued fiscal challenges. When cuts are necessary, they should be made equitably, and as far from the classroom as possible where they least impact students.   This means providing teachers with the basic tools required to support the best student learning possible. More>

CUTA Message to Members from Amanda Fanning (21 May 2014):

Dear Colleagues,
The Election committee counted all of the ballots for the ratification vote.  A total of 382 ballots were cast with 98% of CUTA members voting to approve the contract. The tentative agreement has now been ratified by CUTA and will go to the school board for its vote. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and vote. Additionally, I would like to thank our bargaining team members for all the hard work they put in during negotiations.


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