Photographer: Krista King

Photographer: Krista King


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November 2016 Speech to the Board by Amanda Fanning

Good evening Dr. Churchill and Members of the Board.

As President of CUTA, I try to find a balance between critically looking at the decisions this board makes while maintaining a positive relationship. I respect the work you do and believe that you have the best interest of all our students in mind. With that said, you aren’t educators. You aren’t in our classrooms. You aren’t the ones tasked with making sure students achieve the goals you proscribe for them.

I have stood in the front of this room for nearly four years now, and I often find myself asking the same questions and making the same statements. And while I repeatedly give the board the benefit of the doubt, I am beginning to feel that you do not sincerely listen to teachers’ voices and opinions when making decisions.

At last month’s meeting, you reviewed the current LCAP timeline, success indicators, as well as stakeholder engagement. As part of the required stakeholder engagement, last month members of CUTA consultation met with members of the District to discuss these success indicators and give input.  During this meeting, I once again brought up the grave concerns I have with conflicting goals and success indicators. Dr. Nye assured me that he has explained these conflicts and the board is aware that changes may need to be made to the LCAP. But what I don’t understand is why, if you truly understand that these LCAP goals are not feasible, you continue to leave them in. I am incredibly concerned that you are setting up Carlsbad to fail by blatantly ignoring the concerns CUTA has repeatedly addressed.

The definition of “input” is the contribution of information, ideas, or opinions. I don’t think telling CUTA and the community what the district has already decided on is truly “input”; it is instead an order.

My ongoing goal is for Carlsbad Unified and CUTA to maintain a positive working relationship. But for this to happen we need you to accept that as educators we are experts in our field and to therefore begin implementing the suggestions we make.

Thank you.