For Site Reps

  1. Be  knowledgeable. How do you do that? Regular attendance at  Site Rep meetings is crucial. In addition, know the contract and read all emails and mailings you receive. If you have questions, do not hesitate to follow up with the elected leadership and/or CUTA staff.
  2. Be an Educator/Communicator It's not enough to be knowledgeable. Try different ways to communicate what you know to the members. When you hear interesting ideas from a member, or you hear many memberss are concerned about a particular issue, communicate that knowledge back to CUTA leadership and staff so we can act on it. Communication is a two way street, and you are a crucial link.
  3. Be an organizer. Know the people in your building you can count on to get out the word on important issues to create an active union network. Enlist the help of others whenever possible.
  4. Be a Friend – Although this may sound a bit trite, it is important. CUTA is nothing more or less than a collection of all of us sharing our common hopes and aspirations.  Alone and isolated we are just employees.  Together, we are the Carlsbad Unified Teachers Union.

CUTA Site Rep/Administrator Meeting Tip Sheet