Understanding Article 15, Leaves

 Information about Article 15, Leaves

Last year, your CUTA bargaining team worked to improve Article 15, Leaves. As part of this process, we have realized that many are unclear about what category to select when calling in an absence. So, here is a “cheat sheet” for the most common leaves.


Sick Leave (Article 15.1)

This is intended to be used when you are sick, but it can also be selected for doctors' appointments.

Personal Necessity, PN (Article 15.5)

Each employee can use up to 7 of the existing 10 days per year for PN. You MUST request PN, in writing, to your administrator at least 5 days prior to the requested day off; however, you can request PN as early as you want. Your administrator has 2 work days to respond with approval or denial.  The only exceptions to written request are serious illness to your immediate family or an accident involving a member of your immediate family or the property of an immediate family member. PN should be used for events that are serious in nature and that cannot be completed after contract hours. PN should not be used for social obligations or when looking for a new job.

Personal Business, PB (Article 15.7)

This has often been referred to as “3D” days by employees; however, it should be referred to as “PB” or “5D” days. Last year we were able to increase the number of PB days from 3 to 5. In order to take a PB day, you must notify your administrator, in writing, at least 2 business days prior to your absence. This is not a “request” as administrators cannot deny a PB day. There are several restrictions when using PB days, which are:

  • Cannot be used on the first or last day of school

  • Cannot be attached to a holiday, which includes semester/trimester break days.

  • Cannot use more than 3 days in a row

  • You must have at least 5 days left in your sick leave “bank” after the absence