10 OCTOBER 2016

Help Public Education Continue to Thrive with the Passage of Prop 55!

Prop. 55 protects students and public schools from returning to the days of massive budget cuts, layoffs, larger classes and tuition hikes.  During the recession, California was forced to layoff more than 30,000 teachers, increase class sizes, and eliminate programs like music and art. Most of our public schools and colleges are just starting to come back from those cuts, and unless we pass Prop. 55 to maintain the current tax rates on the wealthiest Californians it is estimated that our schools will lose nearly $4 billion a year. California is facing a severe teacher shortage. The state needs to hire more than an estimated 22,000 teachers this year alone and there is still a need to hire school employees like library aides, bus drivers and custodians. Prop. 55 does not raise taxes on anyone; the wealthiest will continue paying the same amount they are now to protect schools and vital services from deep cuts.

Please fill out the attached Canvas card to let CUTA know if you will support Prop 55! CLICK HERE

CUTA Executive Board Election

Unfortunately, due to prior obligations our CUTA Secretary has resigned. We are grateful for the dedicated service Dawn Kramer has given CUTA and wish her all the best. This means that CUTA must hold a special election to fill the position of Secretary through June 2017. Declarations of Candidacy are due by October 18th. The declaration form is attached along with information on how to apply.

Elect Rick Shea

Teachers have endorsed Rick Shea for County Office of Education. Rick is an experienced teacher, administrator, and board member. Please vote for Rick Shea this November. A flyer with information on Rick as well as the voting area is attached.

CUTA Honors Educators

CUTA would like to honor educators who you, as their peers, consider to be leaders in the teaching profession. If you have an educator at your site who is an example of outstanding best practices, please take a minute to nominate them. CLICK HERE

STRS Training

Have you started planning for retirement yet? Do you want to know how many years you need to work before your retirement dreams come true? This year CUTA will be offering informational sessions where we walk you through STRS and help you understand just how much you’ll need to save for retirement. The first STRS session will be offered November 14th at 3:30, location TBD. Please look for a digital invitation in the coming weeks.

Proposed Addition to Blue Shield Health Care Options

This year, due to an increase in cost, a second Blue Shield Plan has been proposed. As this is a change in health care benefits membership must vote on the potential change. This additional plan will be entirely optional and no changes will be made to the current Blue Shield plan. An informational meeting will be held October 19th, location TBD, with representatives from our health care broker, AON, as well as representatives from Blue Shield and CUTA. As open enrollment begins November 1st, it is imperative that the vote be concluded in time for members to potentially change their health care plans. Please plan to attend this informative meeting and look for an email from your site rep on when to vote for this proposed change.

Bargaining Survey

This year CUTA and CUSD will each be able to open two articles for negotiations. With that in mind the CUTA Executive board and Bargaining team are currently revamping the bargaining survey. This updated survey will go out via email by the end of the week. Please take the time to respond honestly as we depend on your answers.