Photographer: Krista King

Photographer: Krista King


21 September 2016

Welcome back CUTA members!

With the first 30 days almost completed I hope you are all settling into your classrooms or sites. The 2016-2017 year begins with over 50 new certificated members at our sites, some of whom have come from surrounding districts. Please find a minute in the coming weeks to welcome them to the Carlsbad Family. Below you will find a summary of some key issues this year, as the school year progresses CUTA will continue to send important updates.


Last year your CUTA bargaining team was able to negotiate a 5% raise, retroactive to July 1, 2015 as well as a 3% raise which took effect July 1, 2016. This total raise of 8% was well over the county average. This year CUTA and CUSD will each open two articles in the contract for negotiations, due to this limited scope of bargaining it is imperative that each member respond to our survey. Your CUTA Executive board will be meeting to create a survey that will address your concerns and allow for honest feedback. Please look for this in your personal email over the next few weeks.

New Hire “Meeting”

This year CUSD has hired over 50 new educators. Although not all are new to the profession, they are new to CUSD, and CUTA wants to extend a warm welcome. In a few weeks, all new hires will receive an email inviting them to a welcome reception with an opportunity to get to know their colleagues. I encourage all our veteran educators to take a second and introduce themselves to any new hires at their sites. I am sure they will welcome the chance to say hello. If you are a new hire, please take a moment to fill out the Google Form with your personal contact information to ensure you receive important updates. Existing teachers can complete the form to update information or add a new way to be contacted. To access that form, CLICK HERE


With so many new hires I know many of you are wondering how to begin an Induction program; therefore, I have attached a separate letter for those of you who are interested. More information can be found on our website at:

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Persuant to AB 375 certificated employees are now eligible for up to 12 weeks of maternity/paternity leave at the differential rate. This applies to employees who have worked within the district for at least one year in a full-time capacity. This leave will be reduced by any accumulated sick leave and must be taken within the first year of a child’s birth or within one year of adoption or foster placement. There are, of course, many legalities involved with this process, so please contact the district office if you have questions.

Sick Leave

Last year CUTA was able to negotiate a pilot program in which Personal Business leave was extended from 3 to 5 days. This “5 Day Absence” (formerly 3D) entitles a teacher to take up to five days of personal business in a given school year. In order to take these days you must notify your administrator at least two days in advance of your intent. Administration cannot deny this request nor can they require you to tell them why you will be absent. You cannot use these days attached to a holiday and you cannot use more than three in a row. Finally, you must have five days left in your accumulated sick bank to utilize these days.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to all of our requests. CUTA is only as strong as its members. YOUR work is what makes US work.  Please remember to like our CUTA Facebook page and check in with our website. Both are regularly updated with the latest news. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me, your site rep, or any member of the Executive Board. As always, CUTA wishes you the best this school year!