Photographer: Krista King

Photographer: Krista King

As the 2013-13 school year comes to a close, we want to acknowledge the dedicated work of the following teachers who are retiring.

Joan Bray, Kelly Elementary (16 1/2 years of service)

Paige DeCino, Carlsbad High (23 years of service)

Martha Fearn, Aviara Oaks Elementary (21 years of service)

Wendy Hein, Magnolia Elementary (26 years of service)

Holly Hill, Hope Elementary (24 years of service)

Juanita Ortman, Carlsbad High (11 years of service)

Robert Pierce, Carlsbad High (15 years of service)

Michael Ruppert, Aviara Oaks Middle (14 years of service)

Bobette Seelig, Magnolia Elementary (27 years of service)

Catherine Statzer, Valley Middle (14 years of service)

Margaret Tessier, Carlsbad High (7 1/2 years of service)

Thank you!

CUTA awarded $3,000 in scholarships to the following 2014 graduates of CUSD teachers. Congratulations to these students and their proud parents.  

Will Bjorstad (son of William Bjorstad, Hope)

David Jameson (stepson of Blake Maxon, Pointsettia)

John Norall (son of David Norall, Hope)

Samuel Oakes (son of Sharon Rodak, AOM)

Katherine Riis (daughter of Elizabeth Riis, AOM)

Sydney Rogo (daughter of Greg Rogo, AOM)

Kaitlyn Schwend (daughter of Deborah Schwend, Pointsettia)

Zackary Spanier (son of Julie Spanier, Valley, & Jeff Spanier, CHS)

Matthew Taylor (son of Elizabeth Taylor, Kelly)

Dylan White (son of Amy Jones, CHS)



Latest News:

CUTA members have overwhelming approved the new calendar that adds two additional days to the school year.  

See the new 2014-15 Calendar here.

This Certificated Salary Schedule (approved 4 June 2014)  DOES NOT include the additional two days approved for the 2014-15 school year.

See more news here.

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