Pilot Program

During contract negotiations, CUTA and CUSD came to an agreement to provide BTSA as a pilot through 2018. Prior to enrolling in a BTSA/Induction program, there are several things you should be aware of:

First of all, the reimbursement pilot only runs through June 30, 2018. Any program completed after that will not be reimbursed for work completed after June of 2018.

Second, the district asks for a commitment of 4 years of service for the BTSA/Induction program to be paid for. If an employee chooses to leave prior to the 4-year term, they will be responsible for repaying a prorated amount of the BTSA cost. This does not apply to temporary employees who are released from their contract due to staffing or other reasons. This will also not apply to temporary teachers who are not offered a contract prior to the end of the school year and receive an offer of employment elsewhere.

Finally, the district has only agreed to pay for $4000.00 towards the cost of BTSA. Although the district has an MOU with the SDCOE for their BTSA program, the cost has raised this year beyond the $4000.00 threshold.  As the district will only reimburse up to $4000.00 towards a BTSA/Induction program, there are a variety of other programs which will save CUTA members money. 


San Diego State University

SDSU offers two different programs depending upon your type of employment and district requirements. Depending upon which program you qualify for the cost ranges from $3552.00-$4736.00. CLICK HERE


Based in North San Diego county SIATech offers two different programs. The first program is the typical Induction program for new teachers. The second option is a blended program for teachers who have been in the classroom for a few years but have been unable to complete an Induction program until now. Depending on which program you qualify for, the cost ranges from $2750.00-$4500.00. CLICK HERE

Cal State Fullerton

Currently this program costs $4500.00 and is completed online. CLICK HERE

San Diego County Office of Education

SDCOE offers a two-year program for $5000.00. For teachers with three years or more of classroom experience, you may qualify for the Early Completion Option at the cost of $3500.00. CLICK HERE

Prior To Enrollment

Before enrolling in any of the above programs, please speak with Jennifer Parraga at the district office to determine if these programs meet district requirements. Jennifer can be reached at: jparraga@carlsbadusd.net

Additionally, the district is currently in the process of creating a reimbursement form. As soon as this has been completed, Jennifer Parraga will notify teachers with instructions on how to complete the process. 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the first year in this pilot program. CUTA is excited to welcome you all to the Carlsbad family!