29 May 2015


The CUTA Bargaining team and Executive board are pleased to announce a Tentative Agreement between CUSD and CUTA has been reached. This process began in December with CUTA opening up the following articles to negotiate: Article 7 Work Day/Work Week/Work Year, Article 12 Compensation, Article 15 Leaves, Article 18 Class Size, and Appendix C Compensation Schedule for Co-Curricular Activities.

Over the span of several months CUTA and CUSD continued to meet and work together to create a contract which benefitted all educators. Throughout the process the CUTA bargaining team continued to push the district to meet the needs of our diverse staff bringing up long overdue issues. Ultimately, the CUTA bargaining team was able to make ground on nine proposed areas to improve the working conditions of staff. Some highlights of the TA include: a 3% salary increase retroactive to July 1st 2014, discontinuing extended staff meetings, two optional professional development days which staff will be paid to attend, and revisions to Appendix C the Compensation Schedule for Co-Curricular Activities (otherwise known as the stipend schedule).

A summary of the Tentative Agreement (TA) is as follows:


Article 7 Work Day/Work Week/Work Year:

Article 7.3 Faculty Meetings

Extended staff meetings have been removed from the contract. While educators will no longer be required to attend the 7 hours of meetings they will not see a pay decrease. The extended staff meetings were the equivalent of one paid day of work, or .545% of their salary.

Article 12 Compensation:

Article 12.2.1

3% salary schedule increase, retroactive to July 1st, 2014

Unit members shall have the opportunity to participate in two (2) additional Professional Development days (PD). These PD days will be voluntary and paid at the per diem rate, if a member chooses to attend. If a member does not attend they will not receive the additional pay and they will not be required to use a sick day.

The two dates will be:

184 day employees: August 26th and 27th, 2015

194 day employees: August 19th and 20th, 2015

Any employee who attends these voluntary dates will be compensated at their full per diem daily rate, or approximately 1.09% of their salary

Article 15 Leaves:

Article 15.2 Extended Illness Leave

Extended illness leave will now be classified as 152 consecutive calendar days; this is a change from prior language of “five (5) months”. This language change will benefit educators who utilize extended illness leave due to illness or injury.

Article 15.5.3 Personal Necessity Leave

Staff will still be required to submit a written request for his/her necessity leave to their site administrator, a minimum of five days before the requested leave. However, the site administrator, or the district, must respond, in writing, to the request within two working days. Prior to this change a site administrator could wait until one business day before the requested leave to approve or deny.

This change will allow for staff to plan ahead for any personal necessity leave

Article 18 Class size:

Article 18.3 2015-2016 Grades 9-12 Class SIze Mitigation Pilot

The maximum unmitigated total student contacts in these core subjects: Math, Science, English, Social Science, and World Language shall be 198 at Carlsbad High School and 158 at Sage Creek High School.

Any employee whose total student contacts exceeds these thresholds shall be compensated at $150 per month subsequent to:

-The first fifteen (15) days of the new school year

-The first ten (10) instructional days of a new semester or trimester

-Three (3) instructional days above the maximum unmitigated total student contacts

This stipend will be paid each month the teacher is above the unmitigated total student contacts.

Article 20 Grievances:

Due to an antiquated system this entire article was revised. Standard Grievance language was used to streamline the grievance process while still ensuring all educator rights are protected.

Article 25 Job Sharing:

Article 25.2.3 The deadline to request a job-share shall be presented to the administrator by March 1st of each school year. This change will allow for staffing decisions to be completed earlier in the year helping balance any changes at individual sites.

Compensation Schedule for Co-Curricular Activities

A committee made up of Department chairs, Athletic directors, and Grade level leads worked with CUSD to restructure the stipend schedule. These changes allow for more equitable assignments and restore positions at sites which have not been funded in prior years.

Voting will begin on Monday June 1st and run through June 8th at 4pm. Results of the Tentative agreement vote will be announced Tuesday, June 9th.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your site rep, bargaining team, or executive board members.