Common Core Exam Lengths, Limited Number Of School Computers Pose Problems


In its Answer Sheet blog, the Washington Post (9/28, Strauss) reports on logistical issues expected with extensive computerized Common Core testing. PARCC has released its exam time guidelines, ranging from 9¾ to 11¼ hours per student, increasing with grade level. Despite these guidelines, one million students field-testing the exam took no more than 7½ hours, making it unclear if kids raced through knowing there were no consequences. PARCC tests will be given twice a year: three-quarters into the year and again near the end. Similarly, SBAC has said it estimates students will need between seven and 8½ hours to complete its exams. Because testing is computerized and must fit into pre-existing class day schedules, administrators are struggling to schedule testing of every student in every grade on a finite number of computers.