Early Study Finds Problems With Performance-Based-Pay


In continued coverage, Education Week (9/24, Sawchuk) reports on communication and adherence failures in 2011-12 for new Federal performance-based pay programs (the Teacher Incentive Fund), following an early Mathematica Policy Research study conducted on behalf of the Education Department. More positively, teachers cited happiness with evaluations and no decrease in collaboration. The program intends to provide professional development, measure educator effectiveness, and give performance-based bonuses, as well as additional bonuses for additional roles and responsibilities. The study found 46% of districts utilized all four components, despite 80% qualification; districts were prepared to give 90% of educators bonuses intended only for those “far better than average”; and fewer than half of teachers in a 10 district subset thought they were eligible, despite all being eligible, while perceiving bonuses to be smaller than they were.