San Diego Educators Studying Preschool Best Practices

KPBS-TV San Diego (3/5) reports on the Quality Preschool Initiative being operated by First 5 San Diego and the San Diego County Office of Education, in which outside observers rate “details from proper hand washing and classroom safety to the quality of teacher-student interaction and that classrooms have the right kinds of blocks and toys.” Local Head Start officials credit the program for improving quality, and the article notes that the program is partially funded by “federal education grants targeted at improving preschools across the country.” The piece notes that the Federal grants are intended to help “create a universal understanding of what high-quality early education looks like,” quoting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Early Learning Libby Doggett saying, “Helping those disparate programs become a real system. So that eventually whether a child is in child care, head start or pre-k, they’ll all be getting a high quality education.”