Common Core Language Arts Curriculum Focuses On Close Reading

NPR’s Morning Edition (4/9, 5:08 a.m. EDT) broadcast a segment on the controversy surrounding the Common Core Standards for English, which are focused on “tough reading, making sure kids are able to form ideas about what they read and to support those ideas in writing with evidence.” The segment describes a classroom lesson in which middle school students in Stratford, Vermont exercise “close reading,” noting that students “get a written assignment just about every week, based on readings you might easily find on a college syllabus.” A transcript of this story can be seen here (4/10, Albright).

        In a follow-up segment, NPR’s Morning Edition (4/9) features reporter Cory Turner’s experiences in taking a PARCC practice test. The segment focuses on the differences between the new assessments and “the state tests they will replace.” A text version of this article can be seen here (4/10, Turner).