Education Expert Urges Patience On Common Core


In an op-ed in USA Today (5/22), Math for America President John Ewing writes that the debate over the Common Core Standards “has gotten out of hand,” accusing both sides of the issue of “polarized” and rancorous debate that fails to address the actual content of the standards with any accuracy. He calls on parties to withdraw and seek “some common truths about the Common Core.” Ewing discuses the confusion over the difference between standards and curriculum, and asserts that the standards are “quite simply, a set of guidelines” that “form a framework on which a curriculum can be built.” Ewing counts as the Common Core’s “two greatest weaknesses” its requirement that elementary school teachers have “considerable mathematical expertise” and the standards’ susceptibility to political manipulation. Ewing concludes that since the standards “provide a framework for a 13-year curriculum grades,” they will take that long to fully implement, and it will take 13 years to implement. Students who see a single year of a curriculum based on that framework in high school will be missing many of the assumed prerequisites, and urges patience.