Study Shows Girls Generally Receive Higher Grades Than Boys


The Voice of America (4/30, Hilburn) reports that a new study of academic performance in over 30 countries and covering almost 100 years shows “girls do better than boys in math and science as well as other subjects.” Co-author Daniel Voyer, PhD, of the University of New Brunswick, said that “School marks reflect learning in the larger social context...whereas standardized tests assess basic or specialized academic abilities and aptitudes at one point in time without social influences.” Co-author Susan Voyer, MASc, added, “The fact that females generally perform better than their male counterparts ...seems to be a well-kept secret, considering how little attention it has received as a global phenomenon.” The authors note that girls “tend to study in order to understand the materials, whereas boys emphasize performance, which indicates a focus on the final grades.” Daniel Voyer said the study “might get people to look outside the classroom for solutions to the underachievement in boys.”