Education Execs Urge Teachers To Become “Makers” Of Innovation


Dr. Joseph Wilson, managing director of Teach For America’s math and science initiative, and Dr. Anne Jones, senior vice president and chief programs officer of Project Lead The Way, write in an op-ed for US News & World Report (6/19) about how “the classroom is often the nucleus for innovation.” They point out that teachers and students were among those at the “first-ever Maker Faire” at the White House this week, and they say a group of education-minded organizations are urging teachers “to pledge to be Maker Teachers” who will “share ideas, resources, and opportunities” and use “tools such as the Innovation Portal, a free online platform” to “allow students to create and share design portfolios.” The groups behind the pledge request are Teach For America, the Digital Harbor Foundation, Project Lead The Way, and STEMConnector.