LATimes Guest Blogger Says California Needs To Spend On Preschool Kids


Guest blogger Joel Silbermas, a writer and Web video producer, writes in an opinion for the Los Angeles Times (6/20) under the headline, “Don’t Cut Funds For Preschool Again, Gov. Brown.” Silbermas writes that Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is too prone to using the budgetary line-item veto to cut funds for early childhood education and that others who argue such programs are unproven are wrong. He writes that “the benefits of early childhood education are in fact widely known, and the results are staggering.” He lists some of those benefits and adds, “These outcomes translate plainly into dollars and cents: It costs a lot of money to house and feed a prisoner or provide treatment for a noncompliant medical patient. By contrast, a healthy, functional adult is likely to contribute to his or her local economy and help it grow.”