Poll: Expansion Of Early Education Supported By Most Voters


The Washington Post (7/17, Chandler) reports in its “Local” blog that a national poll sponsored by the First Five Years Fund shows that 70 percent of voters, including 60 percent of Republicans support “a plan for the federal government to expand quality early childhood programs for low- and middle-income families.” Two “prominent political strategists” emphasized the bipartisan support at an event at the National Pres Club on Thursday. The strategists emphasized that this bipartisan issue is likely to be a part of candidates’ platform in 2014 and 2016, and that it reflected the concern voters still have over the economy and the future of the country.

        US News & World Report (7/17, Bidwell) reports the poll showed that voters would support a plan in Congress providing $10 billion of Federal grants annually for 10 years to states that would support universal preschool for low- and middle-income children. 68 percent of independents, 84 percent of Democrats, and 60 percent of Republicans surveyed said they would support the proposal.