Reports Show California On Top In Reducing Detrimental Disciplinary Policies


EdSource Today (6/6, Frey) reports that report released by The Council of State Governments Justice Center this week, “calls on school districts across the nations to hold themselves accountable for a positive school climate.” The report found that suspensions and expulsions of students are “disproportionately” falling on students who are nonwhite, disabled, and who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual or transgender. California’s recent efforts make it a state “at the top of the list” in promoting a healthy school climate according to the director of the Justice Center. A second report by the Center for Civil Rights Remedies showed that 500 of 745 state school districts reduced the number of out of school suspensions for the last two school years. The Justice Center report contains “60 recommendations, including 12 key recommendations regarding conditions for learning, behavioral interventions, school-police partnerships, and courts and juvenile justice.”