New York Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Teacher Tenure Laws


NPR (7/29, Hogan) reports in its “Ed” blog that on Monday a group parents and advocates in New York City filed a law suit challenging the state’s teacher tenure laws. The law suits look to build off the Vergara v. California ruling that challenged similar laws and found them unconstitutional. Critics of the laws argue that teachers receive tenure too quickly, that the “last-in, first-out” seniority rules dismisses younger teachers before older teachers without considering a teacher’s effectiveness, and firing low-performing teachers involves too much red tape.

        The Washington Post (7/28, Layton) reports that former television journalist Campbell Brown is leading one of the advocacy groups that is challenging the tenure laws. Brown was a former CNN anchor, and “contends that job protections for teachers are archaic” and inhibit school systems. The lawsuit claims that the laws are especially inhibiting poor, minority