Survey Shows Disparities In Harassment Between High School Males And Females


The Washington Post (7/29, Rich) reports that information from the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights shows that “disparities between bullying and harassment on the basis of sex increase between boys and girls” as they grow older. The report shows that harassment is almost 56 percent higher for girls in traditional high schools than it is for males of the same age. The self-reported data “likely understates the problem” since the question is new on the Office of Civil Rights’ survey.

        Salon (7/29, Kutner) reports that while the report shows that girls receive higher rates of harassment than males at all ages, the data “makes huge jumps from elementary to middle to high school.” The article writes that the data shows that the data and the accompanying chart show that “school bullying disparity isn’t just a gender problem in education. It’s.. how boys and girls learn sexual harassment in the classroom.