Field Testing Of Common Core Exams To Begin This Week

The AP (3/22, Hefling) reports that over four million students will participate in field testing of Common Core exams beginning “this coming week in 36 states and the District of Columbia” and ending in June. The field tests “will give education officials a chance to judge things such as the quality of each test question and the technical capabilities of schools to administer the tests.”

        The AP (3/23, Blankinship) reports that in Washington state, “nearly 40 percent of children in grades three through eight and about 10 percent of ninth, 10th and 11th grade students will be participating in a field test,” and 24 states with “about 3 million students” will participate in “the Smarter Balanced coalition test” of the exams. There will also be “a shorter sample test online.”

        NY1-TV New York (3/23) reports that New York City students “will serve as a testing lab for the new Common Core exams” in June as “students in 36 states will take a trial test based on the new math and English standards.”