NEA Report Compares State Per-Student Spending


The Dallas Morning News (3/25, Stutz) reports that according to a new report comparing state per-student education spending compiled by the National Education Association, “Texas has moved up slightly” but “still ranks in the bottom five states.” The piece notes that the national average is $11,674, while Texas spends an average of $8,998 per student. The article suggests that the report could provide ammunition for the plaintiffs in the state’s school finance lawsuit, who claim that “the current Texas school finance system is unconstitutional because funding is inadequate to meet state standards and is distributed unfairly.” The Dallas Observer (3/27) also covers this story.

        Arizona Ranks 50th. The Phoenix New Times (3/27) writes that the report indicates that “Arizona spends the fewest dollars per student on education,” noting that the report “estimates that Arizona spends $7,021 per student,” while at “the opposite end of the spectrum,” Vermont spends over $26,000 per student.